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Fort Collins’ First Whiskey Bar And First Distillery To Release Collaborative Whiskey Celebrating World Whisky Day


FORT COLLINS, Colorado, 


May 14, 2013 - William Oliver’s Publick House and Feisty Spirits Distillery are teaming up for a delicious concoction. The two companies have collaboratively developed a custom whiskey that Feisty Spirits made and bottled and William Oliver’s will offer to its patrons.


“It’s great to have a whiskey bar like William Oliver’s in Fort Collins. We both love whiskey and want to share that with others,” said David Monahan, co-founder and head distiller for Feisty Spirits. “When we saw what we each were working on, making a whiskey together just seemed like the obvious thing to do.”


The collaboration will be called Feisty Pig Whiskey, made from a combination of common and uncommon organic grains and aged in an oak barrel.


The result of this unique grain fusion is a spicy ambrosia, a one of a kind whiskey.And that is just what Ryan Wallace, co-founder of William Oliver’s Publick House, was hoping for. “I love what Feisty Spirits is doing with their try-anything approach.


They make some great whiskeys so I am really excited about working with them to offer something unique to our customers.”William Oliver’s will have a release party for Feisty Pig Whiskey on Saturday May 18th as part of their celebration of World Whisky Day.


About William Oliver’s Public House and Feisty Spirits


William Oliver’s Publick House is Fort Collins’ only dedicated whiskey bar. In addition to whiskey from all over the world, William Oliver's carries beer, spirits, and wine produced exclusively in Colorado. Located in the shopping center at Drake and Timberline, William Oliver’s goal is to carry every whiskey made in Colorado. 



Fort Collin's first craft distillery, Feisty Spirits, creates small batch whiskeys made with organic grains and natural ingredients. In addition to the classic whiskeys like bourbon and rye, Feisty Spirits also distills many uncommon whiskeys from grains including triticale, kamut, blue corn, and quinoa.



Contacts:William Oliver’s Publick House

Ryan & Tiffany 

970 680-DRAM (3726)


Feisty Spirits Distillery

Jamie Gulden

970 444-2FUN (2386)

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