Daily Specials

We have never been fans of traditional "happy hour" specials. Why? Because nothing is worse than getting to the pub only to find out the beer you are drinking was 1/2 price 5 minutes before you walked in. Plus, happiness shouldn't last just an hour. Instead, we opt for day long specials. 

Lunch Special

Every weekday from 11am-2pm get a free can of beer with any sandwich or hot dog. 


$2 Tullamore D.E.W Traditional Irish Whiskey pours or $3 Glenfiddich 12 year Scotch Whisky pours. (1oz pours only)


A Maß (pronounced "mass"one liter) of Zwei beer is only $6. Bar top only special, limit 2 per customer...because, come on, that's a lot of beer. 


Order a traditional Old Fashioned Cocktail and bet the bartender you can call heads or tails on a coin. Get it right and the cocktail is on us (one try per customer per day, bar top special only).  


Enjoy our Sweet Chili PorkTacos or Jackfruit Tacos (vegan) for just $2/taco (dine-in only). 


Finish the bottle Fridays...if you get the last pour of any whiskey your pour is free. Any whiskey. You read that right. (Neat and Rocks pours only, no cocktails. One per customer per day). 


Bring us a board game you no longer want and we will give you a free beer or a shot of Tullamore D.E.W Irish whiskey. (Game must be in good shape and be something we don't already have).


Swig Skin Sunday: if you are a member of our Swig Skin Society bring your pint holder to the pub and get your 1st beer free.  Not a member? Join the Swig Skin mailing list to be the first to know about the next time we are opening membership. 

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