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Raising a Glass to the man we call Rabbie Burns

Today we celebrate the man named Robert "Rabbie" Burns, not just as a Scottish poet that was born 260 years ago today, but the man who left an indelible mark the world with his work. Modern artists such as musician Bob Dylan to the likes of President Abraham Lincoln, who could recite every poem from Burns, have credited Burns for their inspiration. For a man that died at the age of 37, his influence on literature, music, art, and people for over 200 years is staggering. Yet he did more than that. He opened the world to the culture of Scotland; sharing a dram with a hard working farmer, the beautiful distinct sound of bagpipes, the rich laughter of people coming to gather and feasting over haggis, and the notion that bringing people together is one of the greatest joys that we as humans can enjoy. The first Burns Supper was 217 years ago and it is still going strong in places all around the world from Australia, India, and Canada to the United States, United Kingdom, and many more. So no matter where you are today, whether it is enjoying a dram of whiskey with a friend, trying a different twist on a traditional Scottish meal, or telling your significant other how much you love them. Raise a glass to the man we call Rabbie Burns! Slàinte Mhòr

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