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We no longer accept standard reservations

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

During the previous year, in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we began accepting reservations. This was a dramatic shift away from what we believe is a core tenet of pub culture. In our view, a pub is all about being unassuming and relaxed. Booking a reservation and creating specific arrival and departure times is not an ideal way to escape from the world.

Our desire to move away from a reservation system was driven by other motives too. And we think it is only fair to address them so everyone has a clear understanding. First, the reservation systems are expensive. For a small mom-and-pop pub, it was a cost that didn't pay out for us or our guests.

We also had guests abusing the reservation system, especially during holidays and the busiest times. Guests would make multiple reservations per evening so they could hold several time slots, some guests would make reservations at multiple places across town so they would "have options". It felt terrible telling walk-in guests they couldn't be sat at an empty table because it was reserved, only to have that reservation never show up. This happened far too often...but the truth is, once was too many times.

We hope you understand our move back to a "no reservation" model. We hope it will not cause disruption, but instead will help the pub once again feel like a relaxing place to find respite from the world at large.

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