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Whiskey or Whisky?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

There are a million articles about how to spell "whisky". Detailing everything from when to use the "e", which countries follow which rules, and the history of the name

Here is a great article from Whisky with Ryan (our owner) that we think tackles this subject from a new perceptive.

He says, the spelling is not backed in historical fact but rather historical lore. We encourage you to read the entire article on, here is an excerpt:

The Irish invented the modern form of whisky. They did not invent distillation nor whisky...just it's modern form. The Scots got a taste of it and went to Ireland to figure out what the Irish were up to. Most of them took up employ at the Irish distilleries, some even founded Irish brands (Jameson). Others, however, went back to Scotland and worked on perfecting the process. This, in turn, made the Scottish version of whisky superior. The Irish were incensed and felt it was their duty to reclaim the throne as having the "best" whisky. The Irish began triple distillation to smooth out the harsher notes and added the letter 'e' to distinguish this newer, better, product from that of the Scots. The name change took and it has created the worlds most ridiculous argument ever since.

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