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Contact: Ryan Wallace

William Oliver’s Publick House

2608 S. Timberline Rd #108

Fort Collins, CO 80525


For Immediate Release


William Oliver’s Expanding Employee Benefits


Fort Collins, CO, May 22th, 2017:  William Oliver’s is adding to its existing set of industry leading benefits; hoping to maintain its stance as a positive change for employee wellness, William Oliver's is constantly looking for ways to ensure employees are at the center of its core values.  

The current offerings include dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, disability income protection, retirement benefits, flexible spending account, and paid time off. Effective immediately, employees who have worked for William Oliver's for at least five years will be eligible for a fully-paid trip to Scotland. 


William Oliver's began 5 years ago and opened its doors for business just over 4 years ago. Of the 42 employees, two are currently eligible for this benefit with another three expected to achieve it soon. 

"Five years is a long time to work for a single company in this industry", said William Oliver's owner Ryan Wallace, "we wanted to reward those who are helping us build a fun and unique work place." The National Restaurant Association states that employee turnover for the hospitality industry has topped 70% for two years in a row. The turnover rate for William Oliver's in the first quarter of 2017 was 6.7%. William Oliver's is committed to finding, training, and working with the best in the industry.  To do that means ensuring employees needs beyond "the paycheck" are met. 

William Oliver's is always looking within and without the restaurant industry to see what ways to enhance work-life-balance. Currently, only a few companies offer a trip for the five year anniversary (none within the restaurant industry). "We want to be innovators for our industry. This is a career that is exceptionally fun and we want to attract coworkers that want to 'do what we do' and be apart of our company for a long time", said Wallace.

William Oliver's expanded to a second location in March of 2017, which has been received very warmly. This new benefit is a way to ensure the long-standing coworkers feel gratitude for their service, while simultaneously attracting new staff with the mindset of staying for a while. 

About William Oliver’s Public House

William Oliver’s Publick House is Norther Colorado's first dedicated whiskey and bacon bar. In addition to whiskey from all over the world, William Oliver's carries beer, spirits, and wine produced exclusively in Colorado. William Oliver’s goal is to be the quintessential Colorado-pub and neighborhood hangout. 

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