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Contact: Ryan Wallace

William Oliver’s Publick House

2608 S. Timberline Rd #108

Fort Collins, CO 80525


For Immediate Release


William Oliver’s Colorado Pub Going Tipless

William Oliver’s will pay staff full wage and not accept tips from customers.


Fort Collins, CO, August 31, 2015:  Starting September 1st William Oliver’s Publick House will do away with tips, making it the first restaurant in Fort Collins to do so. The Colorado pub has offered medical benefits, paid time off, profit-sharing, and a matching 401k since it opened in 2013 and sees the removal of tips as the final obstacle for creating a workplace that puts employees at its core. William Oliver’s currently employs 17 employees and is hoping to expand to a second (yet to be determined) location by early 2016. William Oliver’s will slightly adjust prices to pay higher wages, but will NOT charge customers a “service fee” to recoup lost tips. If a customer insists on tipping the money will be donated to a local charity. [visit to find out more]


William Oliver’s wants to bring professionalism to the forefront of the restaurant service industry. Said owner Ryan Wallace, “your economic foothold in this world should not be predicated on the notion that what you do today is merely something to ‘get you through’. This job should be every bit as valid on your career path as any position you might take outside of this industry, and should afford you the lifestyle you deserve.”  William Oliver’s hopes the local community will support their endeavor and that this change will happen soon industry-wide.


Mr. Wallace believes that Americans have stuck with tipping because all parties thought it worked in their favor, but the reality is that it favors no one.  He also believes that pay should be based on skills, qualifications, and years of experience. Aside from small base-pay changes that an employer can make, the only method for rewarding those with more experience/skill/qualifications is to place them on shifts that “should be” busy and hope there are enough customers to give them the pay they deserve. This is an unfair and unreliable model.


After receiving feedback from current staff, Mr. Wallace wrote an internal memo discussing each point raised by the staff. The internal memo has been made available for review at



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